Harris Station on the Kennebec River

Harris Station is located on the Kennebec River, high in the watershed near Moosehead Lake. The impoundment behind the dam is named Indian Pond, and the area around the project is well known for its fishing and whitewater opportunities. Harris is an integral part of Maine's hydroelectric generation.

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Harris Station was built in the 1950s and is currently Maine's largest hydropower project. Learn about Harris Station's history and construction.

Harris lies downstream of the headwaters of the Kennebec River in Moosehead Lake and Indian Pond. Find out more about the upper watershed. 

Below Harris, the Kennebec River runs through a gorge that offers exciting whitewater. Take a look downstream at the Kennebec Gorge. 

Harris' original FERC license expired in 2001, requiring the project to undergo relicensing. What was involved in the relicensing process?

Shifting land use patterns in Northern Maine and a changing energy industry signal changes for Harris Station. What does the future hold for Harris?

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