Government Documents. 

Congressman Frank R. Wolf: Issues and Legislation:Journey Through Hallowed Ground.  http://wolf.house.gov/?sectionid=7&parentid=1&sectiontree=7&itemid=265  

    Official Statements by the Congressman as submitted to the Congressional Record.   

Library of Congress - http://thomas.loc.gov/

    Search for 'Journey Through Hallowed Ground to track legislation.' 

Testimony by Peyton Knight of the National Center for Public Policy on JTHG legislation.  http://www.nationalcenter.org/2006/09/journey-through-hallowed-ground.html

Newspaper Articles.  

The Free Lance Star, Fredericksburg, VA.  http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2007/032007/03212007/268242  

    General Overview of the Heritage Area.

Web Links.

The Heritage Foundation - http://www.heritage.org/research/SmartGrowth/bg2025.cfm 

    The Heritage Foundation sees the JTHG as an assault on property rights.  See web link for more information. 

Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership - http://www.hallowedground.org/index.php

    The organization that will receive the federal funding.  See also JTHGP Board of Directors - http://www.hallowedground.org/content/view/161/24/

Liberty Matters is a public policy group dedicated to current issues of "constitutional consequence."  See their brief on the JTHG legislation -        


Loudoun County Citizens for Property Rights - http://www.loudouncpr.org/news/article.php?article=3611

    A local community group opposed to the JTHG NHA.   

National Trust for Historic Preservation - http://www.preservationnation.org/

    A group in favor of the JTHG NHA.  Follow the link to explore the trust's mission statement.   

Project 21 - http://www.nationalcenter.org/P21Index.html

    An African American activist organization strongly opposed to JTHG based on the claimed property rights assaults on minority populations.   

Piedmont Environmental Council - http://www.pecva.org/anx/index.cfm

    PEC is a main sponser of the JTHG NHA and they are a very successful national environmental organization.  It has a lot of political clout and a lot of resources.   

Wikipedia - National Heritage Area.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._National_Heritage_Area

    This web link provides a basic definition of a National Heritage Area.   

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