What's New in Confluence 3.0
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If you used the default theme, your old pages look like this:


After the upgrade, the default theme looks like this:


  1. The BROWSE command has moved to the top-right of the page
  2. The EDIT, ADD, HISTORY and TOOLS have been consolidated and moved to the right-hand side of the page under the new TOOLS drop-down

3. Adding LABELS is now a more intuitive link

New Macros

Confluence 3.0 introduces the Macro Browser, a new way for users of all experience levels to build content-rich pages in seconds. The macro browser exposes the macros in your Confluence site - charts, task lists, photo galleries, RSS feeds and more - through a point-and-click graphical interface.

Contact Ellen Freeman for more information and a consultation on how you might employ some of the new macros on your site.

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