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This is the home page for the Confluence Help space. Confluence is described as an enterprise wiki system but can also be called a web-based collaboration platform. Each ""space"in Confluence is its own self-contained, independently managed wiki. Each space may have its own access permissions.

Pages in Confluence spaces are arranged hierarchically. Clicking "Add page" creates a new page as a "child" page of the existing one. The existing page if referred to as the child page's "parent" page. Most Confluence themes automatically add a page's "children" to a list of links at the bottom of a page. A space's entire hierarchy can be viewed by clicking "Browse space" and selecting the "Pages". View options include  "Recently updated | Alphabetical | Tree"

Each space has a "News" section which is also sometimes called a blog.

To learn more about Confluence, visit the navigation links on the left-hand menu.

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