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Confluence is a Wiki.

Wikis are a type of social software that make it easy to communicate online. As simple to edit as it is to read, the wiki makes for a good online collaboration tool.  They are simple, efficient tools for managing knowledge and collaborating. They're particularly convenient in today's busy and international workplace.

  • They're easy to learn and use - not as complicated as other types of content management systems.
  • Knowledge doesn't get buried in emails, locked into file systems, hard drives or servers, intranets or extranets, or closed inside more specialized data management systems and knowledge management systems.
  • They are online so users can access, collaborate on, and share content, knowledge and files anytime, anywhere.
  • They are also flexible. You can customize them and connect a wiki to other applications, databases, and file systems.
  • And, most wikis are a fraction of the cost of most enterprise software.

Why use a wiki?

A wiki lets you collaborate online. It's easy, efficient, and intuitive to use. Every user gets a voice and everyone's contribution is seen, heard, and can be commented upon.

  • Wikis make it easy to keep all your information current and accurate.
  • Information stored in wikis is dynamic.
  • Wikis allow you let students edit a page, upload files or comment on discussions

Confluence at Colby

You can access Confluence at Colby at:


Take a look around. See what others are doing in this space.

Adapted from Atlassian's Confluence FAQ

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