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                                                                                             "Consumerism, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Luxury Goods in China"

                                                                                                                                            Jessie Tang 
In this research project, I am interested in examining the new consumption patterns and behaviors appearing in China's public realms, such as shopping malls and luxury department stores. My primary focus will be documenting luxury department stores and domestic shopping malls while comparing the situation during Mao's era as opposed to the changes brought about by the consumer revolution in today's urban culture. By visiting different public spaces of consumption, I will observe the kinds of consumers who frequent these shopping sites. I seek to find out: What kinds of luxury goods are offered in high-end shops? Are these goods Chinese products or foreign? Are high-end stores are Chinese or foreign? Who are more likely to frequent foreign or Chinese high-end stores to partake in conspicuous consumption and seek the newest, most fashionable products? What are their gender and age? I am also interested in comparing the customers in high-end stores with those who frequent more affordable
department stores but still strive to obtain some aspect of urbanity through shopping and spending. I am particularly interested in studying the new consumption power of women since the country's transition to a market driven economy has allowed many young professional women to assert independence and individuality through purchasing power.

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