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Colby ASIANetwork Freeman 2007 Student-Faculty Fellows-Colby Team Online Photo Exhibition                              


The Colby research team traveled to four Chinese cities in a four-week intense study on how public spaces have been reconfigured in urban Chinaas Chinais rapidly modernizing and developing into a major global power. Each of the five students focused on a different aspect of China's rapidly changing urban landscape: the new park scenes and their social and cultural meanings; the sharp contrast between the construction boom with glittering office towers, modern sports facilities, and luxury residential high-rises, and the box-like living quarters of construction workers and the disappearing traditional courtyard homes and alleyway neighborhoods; the transformation of city traffic and the transformation system from bicycles to private cars and mass high-speed transportation; the jostling between street vendors and newly emergent franchised fast food restaurants; and the impact of the emergence of new found wealth and purchasing power of Chinese consumers as evidenced in the mushrooming luxury department stores, shopping malls and outdoor antique markets.

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