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                                                            "Re-Invention of History and Making the Fantasy Reality: An Observation on Historical Sites and New Theme Parks and Museums"
                                                                                                                                          Robert Ferriter
My research looks at why particular museums and parks are remade/recreated in post-Mao reform era China, and for what purposes, what new theme parks are built, and what do they tell us about Chinaand the Chinese people? Through interviewing and observing Chinese people who are actively using parks and museums, I hope to come to an understanding behind the reasons for the transformation and creation of these parks and museums. By utilizing a camera I hope to create a photo journal to document the remodeling and creation process of historic parks and contemporary museums. In pre-reform China, parks and public spaces were dominated by the Chinese government often for political purposes, for communist propaganda rallies and parades. New parks and museums are now built with little emphasis on ideology.  Part of the transformation of China's parks and museums can be seen as a result of diminishing control of the Party/state over these public areas. It can also be seen as the public's ability to reclaim public spaces for their own use.

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