Blog from March, 2009

Jobs for Chemists

I just wanted to make you aware of some exciting opportunities at Orono Spectral Solutions that may be of interest to some Colby Chemistry students. By early summer, we will be looking to hire two full time technicians to work on various Department of Defense R&D Contracts.

A) One project deals with developing reactive films that will be used to measure a number of analytes (pertaining to drinking water, environmental, and chemical warfare) in water using an IR based sensing platform. On this project, a technician would acquire experience including: thin film synthesis, practical membrane chemistry, environmental analysis, and method development.

B) Another project deals with measuring nerve agents in the air. Again, this project uses an IR based sensing platform.

C) The third project that a technician would potentially be working on deals with characterizing airborne spores. This project would involve some exposure in chemometric techniques.

Let me know if you have anyone who might be interested in this. We have a number of applicants already, but based on the quality of work that I observed at the summer research retreat out at The Forks, I wanted to offer the opportunity to any '09 Colby graduates. This would be an excellent opportunity for someone who has intentions to go to graduate school, but needs a year or two break from the academic scene. They would gain a great deal of cutting-edge training which would serve them well as a future grad student. I want to be sure to emphasize that these are research-based tech positions, not mindless button-pushing positions. If anyone has any questions, feel free to give them this email address. We are looking to get application process started pretty soon.

 See Professor King for Details.