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The Chemistry Department at Lehigh University provides undergraduate
students with unique summer research opportunities under the mentor ship
of a research-university faculty. Students in this program will be
engaged in all aspects of research aimed at the discovery and
communication of new scientific knowledge. They will gain not only
practical experience, but also the complementary perspectives of both
academic and industrial mentors on the conduct of chemical and
biochemical research.

The Chemistry Department has grown tremendously over the past 3-4 years,
with the addition of several few faculty members and significant
enhancements to the research and teaching infrastructure. Lehigh
University is committed to excellence in education at both the
undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as to the advancement of
science. As a result, our faculty mentors are highly recognized scholars
engaged in cutting-edge research aimed at publishable results.

Students in the program will conduct research over a 10-week period,
beginning in *June and ending in August.* A stipend of *$3000* will be
provided, as well as *paid campus housing*.  * The application deadline
is March 15, 2009*. You can apply online using the link below.

Apply Online <>

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