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Central Steam Plant Facts

•    Built in 1993
•    Replaced 7 satellite plants at Hillside, Keyes, Lovejoy, Mary Low, Roberts,
•    Athletics, and East
•    Satellite plants were old, in need of renewal, and burned #5, 2.5% S
•    New plant is easier to maintain, burns lower 0.5% S, and has high reliability
•    Co-Gen online in 1999, up to 600 kW depending on heating load
•    Boilers are water tube, 30,000 lbm/hr at 300 psig
•    Boilers burn up to 247.5 gals/hr
•    Feed water economizer reduces oil consumption by 100,000 gals/yr
•    Steam is fed out to Campus via underground lines, approx. 2 miles of it
•    Most buildings are heated via hot water made with steam
•    Burn up to 1.2 X 10^6 gallons per year

Plant runs at about 85% eff during winter, but at 60% eff during summer

Future work includes new bio mass initiative for wood boilers, predicted to cut fuel consumption by up to 80% and costs by up to 50% through initial studies

Refrigeration Facts

R22 is being phased out and we replace current refrigeration with new generation refrigerants such as R134a and R410a. New class refrigerants more efficient, but have high global warming attributes

PPD at Work

•    New windows installed in most buildings
•    Low flow shower heads, water closets, sink faucets
•    VFD's on heating systems and air handlers
•    CO2 based ventilation systems
•    Lighting retrofits using CFL, T5, etc
•    Low flow fume hoods
•    Heating retrofits - Roberts Row using individual sensors for each room

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