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217s    Environmental Chemistry    Application of chemical principles to the environment with an emphasis on the interaction among chemical, physical, geological, and biological processes. Current topics such as acid deposition, global warming, atmospheric ozone loss, and the fate and toxicity of heavy metals will be discussed in the context of natural environmental processes. Prerequisite: Chemistry 142. Three credit hours.    KING

Chemistry 217:  Syllabus


Professor:  Whitney King                                                     
Office: 208B Keyes (x5755)
Home: 873-6154
Cell: 207-649-9674

Manahan, Stanley, Environmental Chemistry, 9th, 2010.

Broecker, W. S.,  How to Build a Habitable Planet, ELDGO Press, 1985
Bunce, Nigel J., Environmental Chemistry 2nd. Ed., Wuerz Publishing, 1994

Howard. Aquatic Environmental Chemistry. Oxford Chemistry Primers. 1998

vanLoon and Duffy, Environmental Chemistry: a global perspective, Oxford, 2005
Spiro and Stigliani. Chemistry of the Environment. 2nd edition 2003 

Homework               25%
Hour Exams             25%
Class Participation    25%
Final                        25%
Approximate Lecture and Exam Schedule

Date Reading
2/1 Manahan 1, 19
Energy Flow
2/8 Manahan 15 Geosphere
2/15 Manahan 9,10 Atmosphere
3/1 Manahan 13, 14 climate
3/8 Manahan
Exam I 3/17
Manahan 11, 12
Acid Rain and Smog
4/5 Manahan 3 Troposphere and Water
4/12 Manahan 4, 5 Geochemistry
4/19 Manahan 6, 7 Geochemistry II
4/26 Manahan 8
Redox and Water Treatment
5/3   Exam II due
  exam 13

Homework: Homework will be assigned regularly throughout the semester.  All homework will be graded.
Attendance and Exam Policy:  We will follow the exam and attendance policy posted on the Department of Chemistry Web page.