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Below is a view-only version of Kevin's up-to-date calendar. To see his available hours on a given day, click "Week" on the top right of the calendar.
If you'd like to schedule a 15-30 minute appointment with Kevin during business hours (8-5), follow these steps:
  • Log on to the Colby / Google calendar system using your Colby email and password.
  • To see my schedule, search for my calendar in the left field that says "Search for people" (which is under "Meet with...").
  • In the "week" view, create an event by clicking and dragging on a given day/time.
  • Make sure I am listed as a "guest" in your meeting. If I'm not, click the event, click "Edit event", and type my email address in the field under "Add guest" on the right and click "Add".
  • You can also put a description of what you want to talk about at this meeting if you'd like. Once you've saved the changes, I will be notified by email.
Click "Week" on the top right of the calendar
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