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Please post questions about the course or the material (or something out of curiosity) here using the "Add Comment" button below.  Prof. Rice will answer your questions ... also in this space.  Feel free to comment or follow up on others questions.

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  1. Question! Why can H3O+(aq) be written interchangeably with H+(aq)?

    1. In water, H+ really isn't even accurate in the first place. Protons always will associate with water. Also, it's actually kind of hard to differentiate one species from another given that water, hydroxides, hydroniums, protons, etc. are all hydrogen bonded to each other. Relating protons as hydronium (H3O+) is more accurate, but still not completely accurate, as a physical chemist might argue the better species is H13O6+. So it's just a placeholder anyway... This isn't really the best answer, but hopefully by confusing you further, I make my point.