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This is the home of General Chemistry, CH142

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CH142 Syllabus

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CH142 Learning Goals

  1. For students to deepen their appreciation for the relevance of chemistry, not just as it pertains to scientists, but also as a facet of liberal learning.
  2. For students to gain a broad understanding of chemistry that leaves them prepared for organic chemistry and beyond.
    1. To strengthen communication skills using the nomenclature used by chemists.
    2. To learn the basic principles of mass balance and chemical equilibria.
    3. To understand the fundamental kinetics and thermodynamics that govern chemical reactions.
  3. For students to sharpen their quantitative skills in a scientific context.
  4. For students to improve skills in solving problems that involve the integration and synthesis of new knowledge and to master the interface between narrative and mathematical problem solving.

Homework (MasteringChemistry) - MasteringChemistry registration/enrollment instructions


Approximate Lecture Schedule

Week of:
Probable topic:
Textbook chapter(s):
2/1 Chemical Kinetics 14
2/6 Reaction Mechanisms and Catalysis 14
2/13 Chemical Equilibria and Le Chatleier's Principle 15
2/20 Weak Acids and Bases 16
2/27 Lewis Acid & Bases and Molecular Structure 16
3/6 Buffers and Titrations 17
3/13 Solubility Equilibria 17
3/20 Spring Break  
3/27 Coordination Chemistry 23
4/3 Thermodynamics 19
4/10 Spontaneity and Gibbs Free Energy 19
4/17 Oxidation-reduction chemistry 20
4/24 Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Cells 20
5/1 Nuclear Chemistry 21

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