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Dreamweaver - FTP

In order to edit a non-CommonSpot webpage you have to first open Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. Under "Create New" click > Dreamweaver Site. You will then be taken to a site definition window where you have to name your site and enter the HTTP Address (URL) do that! Then click > Next. Do not use server technology and edit local copies on your machine, then upload to server when ready (this allows you to edit your page and make as many mistakes as you want without actually anyone seeing it without you wanting them to).

You want to connect to your remote server via > FTP (not local/network)

FTP hostname is: colby0

Server: public_html

FTP login: colby login id

FTP password: colby login password


Test your connection to see if you made any mistakes

 Once you are connected you can view obtain the files on the website and edit them

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