Tower Defence
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Chosen by Joseph Harwood

1. Tower Defence

2. Flash Player

3. A very basic tower defense game.  One must strategically place towers with varying range, power, and rate of fire anywhere in the area play except the path that the enemies (dots) follow.  These automated towers in turn do damage to the dots, and attempt to destroy each before it reaches the castle.  The dots have health that is defined by 2 ^ (level #).  There are 8 per level.  You earn money for killing each dot that is proportional to level #.

4. As the name states it is of the TD genre.  It follows all the basic rules of the genre.  Something that it has that others do not (may actually be a glitch) is when a tower is placed directly at the end of pathway the rate of fire is dramatically increased.  This is called the hallway strategy.  Also I've played a hacked version with pretty much infinite money but no matter how many towers you build the dots catch up in the end.

5. The player can place towers given they have enough money, they can upgrade towers (again at a cost), they can sell a tower (with an incomplete refund), and they can choose to send the dots early if they have eliminated all existing dots (by pressing the spacebar)

6. The goal of the game is to keep the dots out of your castle for as long as possible.

7. The major challenge of the game is properly using your money to be able to save to build up powerful towers but not get run over in the process.

8. The rules are quite simple, place towers anywhere but the path and don't let the dots reach your castle.

9. The competition that exists is to better your score and also that introduced in the description where it challenges you to beat the creators score of 90. I got 88 once.


10. I'm a sucker for strategy games, I'd say 5.
11. Easy to learn but difficult to master. So rules 1, strategy 3 or 4
12. Not much time put into visual quality. 2
13. 5
14. I'd say 4. There are much better tower defense games out there, but regardless I find this one ridiculously addicting.


1. 3. Lack of complexity, but the timing of waves and the sharp increase in difficulty was fun. Took too long to get hard I think.

2. rules ??1, strategy 4

3. 2. Some of the upgraded towers looked good, but overall not good.

4. 3. I wasn't engaged, but I think that may have been me just underestimating how hard it would become.

5. 2. I wouldn't go back and play it again, but I see why someone would. It all works and the pieces are there, I just wasn't addicted.

Fun Rating: 3/5
Learning Curve: 1/5
Visual Quality: 1/5
Engaging Rating: 3/5
Overall Rating: 3/5
I really like this game, but it takes too long for the game to become difficult. During the early stages there is almost no thinking required to pass stages. If the developer came up with a different scaling format I think this could be much more successful.

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