Portal, James Staley
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Name: Portal: Flash Version

Platform: Flash Computer Game

Description: Portal is a 2D puzzle game where the protaganist has a gun that can shoot (place) either end of a 2-way portal. Portals conserve the players momentum allowing the player to use them to jump up to unreachable ledges or across uncrossable gaps. Every puzzle revolves around placement of the two ends of the portal to overcome obstacles.

Genre: Portal is a platforming puzzle game, It follows the rules for a platformer because it places you in a sidescrolling view and lets you move left, right or jump. It's unique in that there aren't that many puzzle platforming games, and it gives you the portal gun which changes the way you can think about the virtual space and the obstacles within that space.

Interface: Portal uses WASD for movement of the protaganist. It also uses the mouse as the reticle for the portal gun. Clicking the mouse fires the gun. In addition, two buttons of the keyboard correspond to firing one specific side of the two way portal (red or orange).

Goal: The goal of each level is to get to the end the area without being crushed, zapped, shot, or falling down a pit.

Challenge: Most of the challenge comes from figuring out how to place your portals and using the way the portals conserve your momentum to overcome the obstacles. There are also some twitch gaming challenges to use your portals quickly and platform jump.

Rule Set: There are a few different obstacles that will always kille you. Certain colored are barriers are impassable while others will kill you. You can't jump very high on your own. The most complicated aspect of the rules set is the how the portals conserve your motion.

Competition: There are little robots that will shoot you, but most of the competition is with the enviroment.

Review by James Staley

Fun: 3/5. Solving the puzzles is satisfying.

Learning Curve: 3/5, it can be a little complicated the first time you play it to understand what you can do with the portal gun. There isnt much of a tutorial, so with no prior experience it might be difficult to learn.

Visual Quality: 4/5 The game is pretty polished for a flash game. Is has some basic light and shadow effect, The protaganist moves in a realistic, although frantic, way. The animation for the portals nice.

Engagement: 3/5 Its pretty satisfying to solve the puzzles, but I dont feel as though im actually making any progress.

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