N Review
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  1. Name: N
  2. Platform: Adobe Flash, recently ported to XBOX 360.
  3. Description: In N, you play as an extremely agile ninja whose goal is to collect gold and not die trying. The game involves jumping around from platforms and walls in order to get to hard-to-reach places.
  4. Genre: The game is a basic arcade platformer. Compared to other games in this genre, it has a lower overall complexity, but this is replaced by a need for higher skill based on the game's fast pace.
  5. Controls: The controls for N are simple: you can move left and right (using the arrow keys) and jump (using shift).
  6. Goal: The goal of N is to collect gold (which lengthens your lifespan) while attempting to pass all the stages.
  7. Challenges: The complexity of the levels, including the difficulty of possibly fatal jumps and the power and intelligence of the enemies increase as the game goes on. The enemies can vary, doing anything from simply moving in a set path to aiming at you with a long-range hitscan shot that must be avoided. Any hit is instant death.
  8. Rule Complexity: The rules of N are very simple: you must reach a door somewhere in the stage before your life meter (time-based) depletes and before you are killed by a fall or an enemy.
  9. Competition: Since there is a time meter, a natural form of competition involves racing through the levels. Although N does not have multiplayer, there does exist an online leaderboard ranking system. Another interesting aspect of competition is that of the level design system: users can design their own levels and upload them as text strings for other users to attempt. Creating an elegant and difficult yet beatable level is considered a skillful art.