M.I.L.F. Graphics
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Here are the various graphics for the game that we have as they are developed.

Our working list of graphic elements:


-         Penguin - DONE

-         shadow of penguin - DONE

-         icebergs - 3/5

                    --make them animated - DONE

-        mini icebergs for particle generator

-         fish - DONE

-         background water (waves a animation?)

-         starting iceberg DONE

-         final iceberg (finish flag, penguin family) - DONE possible extension: animate the penguins so the walk around on iceberg - towards the player?

-         timer

-         distance-to-go meter

-         start menu/instructions - GUI, finished?

-         game-over -  DONE

-         you finished/final time screen

-         scored and credits

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  1. Also, I was wondering, do we want to do a particle system for snow?  Just simple white ovals/circles - but sorta give the arctic feel?