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Producer: Jeff

Game Designer: Sarah H

Programmer: Conor

Artist: Jesse

Tester: Kenny

The Basics


A strategy game in which the keyboard is used to control the placement of troops. The goal of the game is to capture more territories than your opponent before time runs out.  


1. You and your opponent are given about one second to hit a key between each turn.
       -At the end of the time interval, the game will update, deploying one troop to the hit keys
       -If no key is hit, an additional troop will be added to the previously hit key

2. Bonuses will be given for certain actions (to be discovered by player)
       -If a player gets more than 10 keys behind, they obtain a 'control tower' which deploys an extra troop to a random key every turn (reverse feedback loop)
       -For every 5 keys conquered, an extra troop is deployed the next turn.
       -Every x (random) seconds, a 'plague' is deployed, clearing all the units out of a random area. (reverse feedback loop)
       -Controlling "bonus" keys, such as the keys P, W and N, means you gain 5 extra troops next turn
       -If a player has more than 15 units on one key, they get an extra troop deployed every turn.
       -The first person to take over a neutral territory gets one extra troop on that territory.


1. Information display at the top.
2. Individual key 'territories'
3. Two human players on different computers
4. Competition exists due to the opposing player, the bubonic plague, and the time limit

Gameplay in Action!

Here is an example of how a typical game might play out.

Download (Mac)


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