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I was one of the lead programmers for this project, I spent a large amount of time doing the Torque tutorials and looking over Bruce's demo code. As this was the first time I had used Torque, I spent a lot of time in the beginning learning the way the program functioned, as well as the scripting language. This is also the first server/client based program that I have written, and it was important for me to understand the way the server and clients functioned together. In an attempt to prepare myself for the project, I completed the following tutorials:

-Torque features demo
-Fish demo
-Fish game

After completing the tutorials and getting a basic understanding for Torque, I disected several programs Bruce made available to us. Combining different ideas from the tutorials and Bruce's games, I laid out the basic server/client framework upon which our game would function. The following are the basic script files. Note, however, that they are linked to the complete and finished files.

-exec.cs: Contains the exec scripts to load the other .cs files
-game.cs: Contains the initial functions called when starting the game
-onStartUp.cs: Initializes some of the global information, like key binds
    -clientCommands.cs: Contains the commands the the server can call on the client
    -clientGame.cs: Contains the game functions needed by the client
    -initClient.cs: Initializes the client
    -initServer.cs: Initializes the server
    -serverCommmands.cs: Contains the commands the the client can call on the server
    -serverGame.cs: Contains the game functions needed by the server; essentially runs the game

Upon finishing the framework, the next task was to integrate the framework with the level information and animate function that Connor had written. This took quite a while as I had to revamp the entire function to work with my framework, although the basic idea was still the same.

Finally, we had to add in all the bonuses. This was the most straight forward part of the project, however, the most time consuming. Due to the nature of the game, there are a lot of complex conditionals and variables that must be checked a processed on a regular basis. Even though I only added one at a time, and tested before moving on to the next, there werte still a large number of of bugs that were very time consuming to correct.

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