Jamison Sawyer art
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For some reason I have always felt that the Super Mario game in between level map is very aesthetically pleasing. Its role in the game is to provide you with a roadmap of your progression in the game. There are different paths you can take and the map allows you to choose what you want to do. It gives you a little bit of decisiveness in a game that has a very linear progression path. I also think that the movement that happens on the map just makes it more pleasing. Instead of having a picture of a map that you move around on, it give you some wiggler trees and flowers and moving water, and jsut makes the game feel a little bit more dynamic.

Another game and image I have always found very aesthetically pleasing is the character from the Assassins Creed. While the maps and images from the game are all very detailed oriented I feel like they really got the character rightin visual terms. Its really a simple image because you can hardly see the actual person. All you can see is his hands, and with most shooters and games like this the visual quality lacks because they have to show every detail of the body, but in this case the focuse could really be put on his clothing and weaponry which makes it fun to play.

An old school game that I found myself playing a lot of was the pokemon games on gameboy color, and this is an example of one of the game screens that I find pleasing. I think the part I like the most about it is the light colors that it uses. It makes it appear much more playfull and fun than a dark gameplay. I think it really plays into the concept of the game. I also enjoy the repetitive visuals as instead of mixing in a bunch of different plants and trees etc, to make it seem like more than it is, they got a good image and continually reused it.

These are a couple of the images that I created for the video game. All of them are for items that can be picked up during gameplay and appear in your inventory. In general they didnt need to be very detailed or anything to get the job done and just needed to have colors that stand out and can be continually identified throughout the game.