Infectonator! review Jake Epstein
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1) Infectonator!

2) Flash

3) In Infectonator!, the player must try to infect as many people as possible and turn them into zombies. These zombies are then able to infect more zombies. The player has 60 seconds to complete all 13 levels. In between levels, the player has the option of upgrading their zombies.

4) Infectonator! is a strategy game in a broad sense. While it does require effective placement of the initial infection and requires the player to upgrade their zombies in a strategic manner, it lacks most of the other features characteristic of strategy games.

5) Infectonator! has a very simple user interface. It uses point-and-click controls to trigger the initial infection and to throw grenades and it uses the mouse cursor to pick up coins. Otherwise, the game's AI takes control of the zombies. In the upgrade screen, the controls are similar; click on the upgrades that you want to pay for.

6) The goal of Infectonator! is to complete all 13 levels; in order to do this, the player must infect or kill a certain number of people on each level.

7) The major challenge in this game is trying to beat the clock. The player has 60 seconds to beat all of the levels in this game. Every time the player loses a level, the time spent during that loss is lost. This makes losing levels very disadvantageous to the player.

8) Since the player has limited interaction with this game, there are only a few rules that govern where you can or cannot place the initial infection. The rules governing the zombies, the people and the other objects in this game are considerably more complex, as are the rules dealing with the zombie upgrades.

9) Competition exists to see how far each player can get and what their final score is at the end of the game.

10) Fun: 4/5

11) Learning Curve: 2/5

12) Visual Quality: 2/5

13) Engagement: 3/5

14) Overall: 4/5

Thomas Williams's Review

10) Fun: 4/5

11) Learning Curve: 3/5

12) Visual Quality: 3/5 (as compared to other 2D games)

13) Engagement: 3/5

14) Overall: 4/5

Joey's Review

10). 4

11). 2

12). 3

13). 3

14). 4