Greg and Peter
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Gameplay - Greg
  • Enemies get harder as the game progresses
              - Increase bullet speed
              - Increase firing rate
  • You need to kill more enemies in each level (i.e. kill 3 enemies in level 1, 5 enemies in level 2)
 Environment - Greg
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Interactive obstacles (take damage)
Tank controls - Peter
  • Turret following crosshairs and shooting
  • Movement
Level design / graphics - Peter
  • Particle effects
  • Multiple levels

          - $lvlNum variable to randomly choose a level

          - Designate the correct image map based on the level number (for obstacles)

Integration - Peter and Greg
  • Integrating the tank with the environment

          - Collision layers
          - Boundaries (later replaced by World Limits (Andrew))

  • Tweaking object behavior

          - Making mines explode when they are shot
          - Setting up mine explosions (Particle effect + invisible Static sprite)
          - World Limit on bullets

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