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  1. Game Elements
    1. Penguin
      1. x,y,z position where z is height above sea level
      2. flys along on stomach (aerial view)
      3. constant gravity affecting it
    2. Penguin falpping
      1. Penguin flaps its wings as it moves from iceberg to iceberg.
    3. Ice Bergs
      1. As game progresses towards finish, icebergs become smaller and less frequent
      2. Crumble 3 seconds after landing
      3. have a range of x,y,z co-ords that describe its surface
    4. Fish Bonus
      1. Arching across path
      2. temporarily (5s) increasing size of icebergs
      3. to catch only have to have x,y in common with penguin; z is irrelevant
    5. Background
      1. On ocean surface, jumping in z direction, iceberg to iceberg in x,y direction, mouse controls x,y position
    6. Start/Finish Icebergs
      1. Static
      2. time doesn't start until leave start berg
      3. goal (time stop) land on finish berg
    7. Music / Sound Effects
    8. Controls
      1. Mouse click to jump, while on an iceberg penguin (x,y,z) within (x,y,z) of an iceberg
      2. Penguin will follow mouse to control penguin x/y movement
    9. Universal High Score Page
      1. Records name and time to completion
      2. Lower time is higher on scoreboard
  2. GUI
    1. Info window start the game, controls/story/instructions
    2. Click leads to game window, where playing occurs
    3. Game over leads to scoreboard OR play again
    4. Scores- scores top 10, 10 lowest times & credits on click leads back to game
  3. Rules of Game
    1. Guide the penguin across the treacherous ice flow. Avoid falling into the frigid waters. Catch fish along the way to help you.
    2. Falling in the water ends the game, must start from the beginning.
    3. Time starts when leaving the hunting grounds. And stops when arriving at the penguin camp.
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