Bloons TD 4 Ian Tibbetts
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  1. Name of the game
    1. Bloons Tower Defense 4
  2. Game platform
    1. Flash
  3. Write a brief description of the game
    1. The game gives you a choice of six different maps of different difficulties. The map dictates the path that the balloons will take, and the different types of balloons try to follow that path and get from their start location to a finish location. The user has a number of lives and starting money based on the difficulty they choose (separate from the map), and once they run out of lives (which they lose if a balloon reaches the finish) they lose.
  4. What is the game's genre? Does it follow the rules for the genre? Does it have any unique characteristics relative to other games in the genre?
    1. The genre is tower defense. It follows the rules because the user can make towers that don't obstruct the path of the balloons directly and are useful in destroying the balloons while they progress towards the finish location. This game has different maps, difficulties, and towers, as well as a variety of types of balloons that present different challenges. It also has a ranking system that keeps track of how many career balloons you've popped and unlocks new towers and upgrades based on that ranking, which last past one game.
  5. Describe the game interface. What controls are available to the user, and what aspects of the game do they control?
    1. Their is a designated path on each map that shows the path that the balloons will take. Their is also designated space on which the user can build towers and an amount of money that oes up with the number of balloons popped. The user does not control the path of the balloons, but with towers can control where and how to pop them and can control their speed with some towers.
  6. What is the goal of the game?
    1. The goal of the game is to prevent the balloons from reaching the finish and not to run out of lives.
  7. What are the major challenges of the game?
    1. Surviving all of the levels and choosing what types of towers to build and in what locations so that you can pop all the balloons.
  8. What is the complexity of the rule set?
    1. The rules that dictate the placement of towers are simple, but the rules for choosing the towers and upgrading them are complex, as are the choice of map and difficulty and the effect of those choices on pricing and money/lives of the user.
  9. What kind of competition exists?
    1. The balloons are progressing in increasing intensity towards the finish location, and the user is actively trying to prevent them from taking all of their lives.
  10. Is the game fun? Rate on a scale of 1 (not fun) to 5 (very fun)
    1. 5. The game is very fun because of the ability of the user to make it very hard or not so hard on themselves and the images are entertaining/colorful. 
  11. Is the game difficult to learn? Rate on a scale of 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult).
    1. Depending on the experience of the user with the genre of the game,  the difficulty could be between 2 and 4. Once you are familiar with the genre, the rest of the game is pretty easy to understand.
  12. Rate the visual quality of the game between 1 (poor) to 5 (very good).
    1. 5. For having only two dimensions, the visuals are very engaging.
  13. How engaging is the game? Rate on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (extremely).
    1. 5. Addictive.
  14. What is your overall recommendation for the game? Rate on a scale of 1 (Do not recommend) to 5 (strongly recommend).
    1. 4. It's not the best game I've ever played, but it is a very fun game and one of the best of it's genre that I've come across.
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