Will's Project 5
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Will Reynolds

The goal of this project was to further our ability of manipulating images. I created a file that can place multiple images on one screen with different filters, locations, alpha blends and background removal. Then I created a file that takes an image and creates a very cool Facebook cover photo, that includes copies of that image with different filters. 

The first step was to create the buildcollage function that creates the first collage. This function takes a list that includes the filename, (x,y) coordinates, alpha blend parameter and a parameter that eliminates a green screen background. I assigned variables to the different index's of that list, these variables are then placed into the placepixmap function from precious projects. After the variables are assigned, i check for one new parameter, (Nobackground). If the input of this index is false, the function ignores this parameter, if the input is False, then the program will eliminate a green screen background of the image. The new placePixmapNoBkg function checks for "very green" pixels in the image, then illuminates those pixels. 

The next file i created made the Facebook cover photo function. This file took the same list of values as the build collage function. I assigned clist to three sub lists, which all take the same file name, but assign different x,y cordinates, filters and alpha blends. Then i called the functions to build the collage from the collage.py file.

First i called readImages to get the pixel information, then called on buildcollage. Lastly the function saves the file to your project folder. 

Extension: I created one new filter to create a negative version of the photo. 
i worked with TA: Will, and Jake Abbe

In this project I became increasingly comfortable with working with pixmaps to manipulate images, create collages, and access functions from out of file. The cover photo function was fun to make as it is very applicable to our social media.