Will's Project 11
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In this project we added a whole new dimensions to our projects. We began by replacing the turtle library with a 3D turtle library. This library contained functions that allowed for interactions with the z axis. Yaw, pitch and roll were added as functions to move shapes in the 3rd dimension. Other functions such as goto() were altered to allow for the z axis.
The first aspect to the project was implementing our own shape classes that utilized the z axis. I created a cube, 3dtriangle, rectangle, sphere, wood holder and cylinder. 
Above are the fundamental shapes i added. For the circle class, i created a reclusive function that simply drew 2d circles offset around a center point. The code was implemented as so. 
The next step of the project was creating our scene, i created a household wood stack in a bin. The Bin consisted of a 3d rectangle with filled in base, while the wood stack consisted of colored cylinders with jitter style. I used multiple for loops to place the wood in a stack.
For my final task i created another scene. This scene is contains abstract houses created from the my basic shapes and trees. I once again used to for loops to strategically create a neighborhood made of different types of houses. 
The Trees l-systems contain the new symbol r in the turtle interpreter that randomly colors given objects. 

This task taught me how to work with turtle in 3 dimensions to create even more realistic and complex scenes. I also learned how i can group multiple shapes classes together to create more complex objects like houses or wood stacks. I really enjoyed this project as i can now play with turtle to create fun scenes and representations. 

For this project i worked with Gerry Nvule and CJ Layton.