Stephanie's Project 8
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Aim: To learn the basics of object oriented programming

*Tasks: 1) *Make a forest scene using lsystems objects which represent trees! 

           2) Make a scene using two new L-systems by changing the iterations used in building the string.

How I did it: I created a forest scene by simply creating rows and columns of three kinds of trees stored in the files systemDL, systemFL and systemGL. The angle between branches and the number of iterations was randomized. The type of tree (from amongst the three trees) was also chosen at random. The result looked like this-

For the second task I used a different tree L-system from the ones given. I found this L-system on the internet. I also used an abstract image from the book Algorithmic Beauty of plants. I alternated rows of trees and this abstract image with the iterations increasing from left to right. For the tree the iterations went from 3 to 5 and for the abstract image the iterations went from 2 to 4. The result looked like this-

 Collaborators: David Chelimo

Extensions: Stochasticity was included in the trees drawn in image1. The angles, iterations and types were randomized!