Stephanie's Project 11
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Aim: The aim of this project was to familiarize the student with 3-D visualization and design while allowing him/her to develop efficient solutions to drawing problems using programming.

Tasks: The main task for this week's project was to design shapes with three dimensional aspects and create a scene (abstract or realistic) out of them. Another task was to think of a creative problem and find an efficient solution to the problem.

How I Did It: For the shapes, I chose to design an extended triangle, a tetrahedron, an extended octagon, a sphere and a cube. I employed various style with these shapes and used colors and fills. 

For the scene, I chose to create ans abstract image consisting of the sphere drawn using the dotted style and four tetrahedrons arranged symmetrically around it. The final picture looked some thing like this-

The sphere was one of the recommended extensions and hence the scene above served to fulfill part 3 of the tasks outlined in the project description as well. Another extension I undertook was to create an interactive L-system builder. The program asked the user for the the base they wanted to use and the rules they wished to create, and then stored the data in a text file. The code looked like this-