Project 3 Scene inside a Scene
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Aaron Liu

Project 3

-The task of this project was to scale down your image and create a frame for it.  One of the main goals was to be able to move the scene where ever you want and to scale it accordingly. 
-My solution to the task was to create a window that surrounds my scene, which I had to scale.  I also had to add color and scale parameters to all of my functions in order to fit it into the main function. 

One of the hard parts was scaling down all of the shapes so that they could also move with the x and y chosen for the scene.  The trees were rather unique aggregate shapes and they caused me some problems.  The problem I had was that the triangles used to make the trees had a color parameter so the color parameter on the tree function would not work.  So, instead I just incorporated the color into the triangle functions that made the tree to side-step that. 
-I mainly tried to shorten my code which was difficult because shapes such as the trapezoid and triangle had unique measurements that were needed in order to keep the angles constant.  I also used the command line to allow the user to decide if it is day or night. 
-I learned a lot about the command line and also learned a lot about the properties of functions within other functions.