Project 10- Not Quite Straight Lines
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The purpose of this lab was to create new ways to make different styles of lines. Another purpose was to learn how to use parameterization to create more interesting L-systems.

Task One
Task one was to make three shapes with three different line styles. To do this I had to create a jitter and broken style in the interpreter and call them in my file.

Task Two
Task two was to create four different shapes with four different line styles. To do this I added the dash style. Each dash is evenly spaced to create the line.

Task Three
Task three was to copy the indoor scene from lab 9 and incorporate that different line styles into the image. By doing this I ended up with a more realistic image that looks hand drawn.

Task Four
Task four was to create my own parametrized L-system. My L-system looks like this:
base (10)F
rule F F(30)-FB(45)+FB F(10)+FFB(25)-FB.

I learned how to create new line styles to make more interesting scenes and how to parametrize L-systems. Parametrizing L-systems makes it easy to manipulate the length and angles of the system.