Luke's Project 10
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This project was done in order to learn how to make turtle draw using different non-photorealistic rendering. This means that the lines were not perfect anymore. The jitter sales allowed for the lines to begin and end slightly off from the true start and end point of the line, while the dotted style replaced the line with dots.

The first task was to implement a 'jitter3' style that was similar to 'jitter', but drew three lines instead of just one. Having already written the code for the jitter style, this was easy as you only needed to redo the same thing three times. The field jitterSigma was used to determine how far away from the beginning and ending points the actual lines beginning and ending points could be.

The next task was to implement a 'dotted' style that uses circles separated by their diameter to draw the line. This was done by determining how many dots would fit within the forward distance and then drawing that many, but every other dot was a space.

The third task was to demo these different styles with different parameters, such as line width, jitter sigma, and dot size. Here is the outcome:
The next task was to redo the indoor scene from last week using the new drawing styles. This was the result:
The final task was to make my own new parameterized stochastic multi-rule L-system. I made my own, not a variation, and stored it in the file titled 'newLsystem.txt'. This L-system parameterized some forward lengths and some angle measures, is stochastic due to there being more than one replacement in the first rule, and has two rules total. The resulting picture was not pretty, but here it is:
Through this project I learned how to implement several different non-photorealistic styles for the forward turtle function. I also learned how to fit dots within a length based on that length and the dot size, without going over the distance. I worked alone on this project.