Lucas's CS151 Project 8
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This lab required me to draw fractal shapes without importing the turtle module or making any calls to turtle directly.

The first task was to  edit my turtle so that it can understand more characters. Now, I can change the pen color to green, yellow and red, append colors to a list, ans draw leaves on trees. Here is a sample of some of my code: .

Once I  made the modifications to drawString, I ran systemFL using the test function from the lab, to make sure it works.

My next task was to write a function that makes an arrangement of trees or flowers. My main function uses two ways to call upon fractal shapes. First, I used the previously defined functions to draw the shapes. I also used the list 'tree' to draw multiples of the same fractal shape. Here is the result:

My last task was to make two new L-systems. I did this by modifying my existing systemFL.txt L-system.

Here is the before and after:

This lab was a bit difficult because I made a few mistakes while making my original arrangement. That ended with me finding two different ways to call upon l-systems. Through this lab, I learned that I did not have to import turtle in my main function for it to use turtle. Tori Edwards helped me figure out how to get through this project.

One extension:

Attached is a code I added to turtle interpreter to draw a berry.