Lab Assignment 3
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Kevin Bennett

Well, this lab was trickier for me than the last one. I did the first part pretty easily, giving everything the fill parameter. Here is the first picture:
No problems there. I set fill to False on one of them to make sure that worked correctly. Where I ran into trouble was the part that would allow you to change something from the command line. I left that part of the code in there to show that I at least got the basics, but I never ended up figuring out how to space the shapes out instead of just draw over on top of each other. I asked for help from a couple different TAs, but I guess I either misunderstood or...something. The picture came out as it was supposed to, but I didn't end up getting the command line stuff to work. Here's the picture:
It's pretty simple. Three boxes, antennae, and the picture. I figured out some about the command line stuff and "for loops," but I'll just have to get better at that.