Jack's 151 Lab Project 1
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In CS151 Project 1 Lab we became acquainted with turtle functions in the python program. Turtle allows you to draw any kind of picture provided you have the time, mind, and will power. We were assigned to the task of creating a series of shapes and making them interact either together or with themselves in various ways. In 'required image 2' I really took the chance to have some fun and learn different aspects of the turtle function. by doing something as simple as the 'begin_fill()' and 'end_fill()' functions I was able to shade in the stop sign and traffic cone. Later on in 'required image 4', I learned the time saving value of making shapes functions and creating variables that can easily change the function. Defining shapes is a big time saver, line saver, and simplifier in the de-bugging process. After Lab 1 I can successfully draw shapes, lines, circles, and add effects like color, width, and can make the hard wok into functions and functioning images.

Here is a look at the work I did. 

required image 1:

required image 2:

required image 3:

Required Image 4

Images 3&4 mashed: