Ibrahim Riaz Project 10
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Ibrahim Riaz Project 10


The goal of this week's project was to create styles and then apply them to our scenes. We recreate old images and construct new ones in a different more natural style by adding a jitter and jitter3 option to our set of tools in CS151. Jitter, produces a displaced version of a straight line which in combination seems more realistic than the usual straight lines we construct. Following the trend, this project emphasizes computational thinking over coding and execution.

Task 1: Make an image showing the different line styles

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 6.00.48 PM.png


For Task 1 we had to demonstrate a series of different styles. As you can see, I recreated a cube to show different styles and the possibility of different widths. We can select normal, jitter, jitter3 and dotted with each being executed without error. For dotted, I create empty circles, set an initial and a final position and then use goto and math to get the effect I was looking for

Task 2: Make an NPR outdoor scene inspired by Impressionist artwork

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.36.54 AM.png

For task 2, I simply recall my NPR scene from last project to utilize the NPR style. I order my trees using jitter to create a nice transition and add seeds into the soil using jitter3. I improve my soil to make it look more realistic by using dotted style with double loops.

Task 3: Make a second scene or a new parameterized L-system

For this part, I created a new L system that was inspired by pre-existing systems. I mis both GLEDIT, sys tree and systree2, change angles and sizes and also add random colored leaves with NPR jitter styles to make what I think is a great tree.


  1. What is non-photorealistic rendering?
    It is an area of CS that helps people recreate images in a variety of different styles that makes them more realistic.
  2. What does it mean to parameterize a symbol in an L-system?
    It refers to the assignment of a symbol to a particular action like b = forward(100)
  3. What does stochastic mean?
  4. Which artwork or artists did you choose as inspiration? Why? 
    Surrealism from project 3.


This project allowed me to draw shapes in different artistic styles. It made me re evaluate the possibility of recreating real design using computer systems. In a way it open-end my eyes to a realm of digital art which may not be perfect but will be much closer to human effort and made me interested in exploring the accessibility it offers to people who aren't artistic for creation of artwork.


Dylan Tymkiw

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