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$studentName Project $projectNumber


A brief summary of the project, in your own words. This should be no more than a few sentences. Give the reader context and identify the key purpose of the assignment.

Writing an effective abstract is an important skill. Consider the following questions while writing it.

  • Does it describe the CS concepts of the project (e.g. writing well-organized and efficient code)?
  • Does it describe the specific project application?
  • Does it describe your the solution or how it was developed (e.g. what code did you write/circuits did you build)?
  • Does it describe the results or outputs (e.g. did your code work as expected)?
  • Is it concise?
  • Are all of the terms well-defined?
  • Does it read logically and in the proper order?

Task 1:

Do this per task

[[Insert Required Image for Task]]

If you completed the task insert image of the completed task and write a few sentences describing the image/what you did. This should be a description of the form and functionality of your final code. Note any unique computational solutions you developed or any insights you gained from your code's output.

If you didn't complete the task insert an image of how far you got. Write a few sentences describing how much you completed, where you got stuck and what what solutions you tried.

You may want to incorporate code snippets in your description to point out relevant features. Code snippets should be small segments of code--usually less than a whole function--that demonstrate a particular concept. If you find yourself including more than 5-10 lines of code, it's probably not a snippet.


Extension 1:

Create a heading for each extension.

[[Insert Image for Task]]

Write a description of each extension you undertook, including text output or images demonstrating those extensions. If you added any modules, functions, or other design components, note their structure and the algorithms you used.


The answers to any follow-up questions (there will be 3-4 for each project).


A brief description (1-3 sentences) of what you learned. Think about the answer to this question in terms of the stated purpose of the project. What are some specific things you had to learn or discover in order to complete the project?


A list of people you worked with, including TAs and professors. Include in that list anyone whose code you may have seen, such as those of friends who have taken the course in a previous semester.

A list of any resources that you used.  This includes textbooks, lecture notes, python documentation, library documentation or forums.  If you used a specific website, please link to it.

Put the label cs151s20project# on your wiki page.

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