Gerald Nvule Project 7
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Description of assignment:

For this assignment I brought together the system an turtle_interpreter pieces to make a scene that consists of fractal shapes, trees,and other turtle graphics. 

Img 1:

Three different L-systems, with at least one of them using brackets. 

Img 2:
Contains a function that draws a set of 9 trees based on the systemB L-system, or some variation of it that has brackets.

Img 3:
Non-abstract scene with two or more objects generated using L-systems.

A description of your solution to the tasks:

Since I did not define a goto function in my "drawString" function in the turtle_interpreter. I had to set the value for x within my function which draws my snowflakes. Additionally, to print snowflakes across my screen I used a for loop (I also included yellow coloring).

Similarly, I used the same process to create my trees. 

It may be worth noting that I failed miserably when I attempted to add my scene from project 2 to my file.

Code Snippets:






For one of my extensions I created a green foreground which resembles grass in my scene.

2.) Create an L-system of your own that draws something interesting.

Fractals are interesting!

3. (Well...An attempt to adding leaves) My code did not work, but I came up with something like this:

To add the leaves I inserted the letter F to the left of each bracket. 
What I learned:

What L-systems are and how to use them

Manipulating the turtle_interpreter using if and elif statements

A list of people I worked with: