Danqing's project 11
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In the final project, we learned how to use 3D turtle, and how to apply lsystem in 3D.
For the first task, I created some new 3D shapes. They are shown below. I tried to use a color-fill argument but it seems that filling color in 3D shapes is quite difficult. But I still applied different styles. 

For the second task, I created a scene with my house, star ring shapes, and lsystem.

For the third task, I did some extensions.

First, the new lsystem:

This is the chemical structure of diamond. I am a chem major and this structure really attracted me. The lsystem is shown below. 

base X
rule X F[(70.7)-F(70.7)+X](120)/[(70.7)-F(70.7)+X](120)/[(70.7)-F(70.7)+X]
base X

rule X F[(70.7)-F(70.7)+X](120)/[(70.7)-F(70.7)+X](120)/[(70.7)-F(70.7)+X]
The last thing I created is the new Pollock style. It is not so chaotic as Pollock's work but it still looks good. By the way, it will take computers a lot of time to show this shape in different direction, possibly because I used too many loops.


3D turtle is more complex and interesting than 2D. This project improved my imagination of the space and skill to deal with complex problem with computer language.