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Pratap Luitel

CS 151- Sp 11- Proj 2


This is the first shape that i drew. It takes x,y as the bottom left coordinate, and takes "s" as a scaling factor.

This is the second shape i added. It also takes x,y as the starting coordinate and a scaling factor.I later used this with random function to draw stars on sky.


This is the first iconic version of one of my shapes that i have used in my scene. I basically used triangles of decreasing size in a loop to make this.

This is the second iconic version of shapes that i have used in my main scene. I called the block function and used loop to draw the interior windows.


Miller Library.


This was the first scene that i made. After learning the "geometric thinking" in the lab, it was easy to make a building like this.

Dividing the building into different sections, and handling them individually made the task easier for me.

I basically made a block function which drew a rectangular block, and repeated it to draw most of the parts of the building.

Apart from rectangular blocks, I used triangles and circles to make the building.

The trees are loops of triangles and I used circles with the random function to draw  clouds.

For the backdrop of a setting sun, i made a loop which drew a colored line. The value of the color changed with every loop, thus resulting in a gradient of colors.

East Quad

I then made East Quad as my second scene. This also uses the basic block, triangle and circle functions.

I used random function in a loop to place stars, windows in the building, and trees.

I used digital color meter to select suitable colors, and it was very easy and convenient.

From this assignment, I learned the effectiveness and practicality of geometric thinking. I also learned how function like "random", when used properly, saves a lot of time and makes programming easier and interesting.


I feel like i have used the extensions when doing my assignment itself.

I divided the buildings into three different blocks, each of which called upon the basic functions from the shapes.py.

I used loops through out the assignment starting from coloring the background to placing windows, stars, and drawing clouds.

I also used random function to draw clouds and place stars.

I  used variety of colors throughout. In fact when I defined most of my functions, I have used (r,g,b) as a necessary parameter.