CS151 Project3 Natalie
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 picture of differently sized and shaped scenes                 

   picture of my first scene within the second scene

 picture of the scene within the second scene with wheelcolor parameter changed from the call line


Project 3

Natalie Joyce 9/25/18

Scenes within scenes

Abstract- in this project I used the main concept of using command line arguments to add parameters and therefore be able to change a certain parameter when I call upon the function. I used the string method to add color parameter to my images. This is important to achieve the projects goal because we had to show two scenes with something changed in the parameter. It is also important because now I am able to change one parameter without having to change the entirety of the function every time. In the above images, the outputs are all very similar with small changes, yet the main function stayed the same and I was able to change the output by changing one parameter in the call line.

Solutions- I used the concepts from lecture to do each task by referring back to the slides and implementing concepts such as scale in my conditional statements. I did a bit of playing with the scale until I was able to learn how it works. Understanding this parameter was a key part in my success of this project.

Reflection- I referred back to the slides and code shots many times throughout this project. The concepts mentioned above made this project possible for me, as well as the TA hours.

Sources- Emmett, Lucas, and Chris helped me out during TA hours. I am very impressed with the way in which they implement learning during this time. They will not just give me the answer, they will make me talk and work my way through it which is very beneficial to my understanding.