CS 151 Project5
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The goal of this project is to blend multiple images with various filter effects into a collage. The original images that I used in this project are shown below.


We started by writing several functions using the pseudo-codes provided in the course's lab website. The first function was a readImage function, which grab the first information in the list and turn it into a readable pixmap. A getImageSize function that calculates how big the program should make the canvas hold the collage followed the readImage function. The third task was to write a buildCollage function that read through the list containing strings of values; and then use readImages to build the canvas and to put all the images in a specified coordinate on the canvas.  I also added filters from project 4 and added one more effect that modify the images depending on the input value in the list.

Image 1

In order to build the collage, I created a new main function containing the list of parameters to manipulate an image. I imported and and called the collage file and called out buildCollage function to run the whole collage process. Image 1 above shows the results of the first task. All the six images int the collage were executed from the command line and each one takes a different filter effect..

Image 2

The other task was to create a collage that is about three times long as it is wide, that look like a Facebook cover photo.In this task, I placed the Chelsea Football Banner to the right by 300 pixels and filled up the  blank area to the left using the Maine Images provided in using different filter effects.
It is hard to see that I used a filter effect that created a net like  effect on the images in the pictures in the write up.  I had to zoom out the pictures for the purpose of this write up but zooming in reveals this net like effect.  
For my extension, I made a new image  filter effect; net-effect. My collage is created dynamically based on the number of images given in the command line. My main program created a collage with the Maine images provided in the lab geometrically place to occupy all the corners of the canvas. 
Collaborators:  Raymond Chung', Professor Maxwell and Haoyu Song.

 I learned how to use lists and modify list, and how to manipulate elements in lists.
I also felt quite confident when debugging my code unlike in my previous projects.I also learned how to make new filter effects and to use alpha blend to manipulate the transparency of a picture. I am also more confident using the command-line arguments after doing this project.