CS 151 Project 5
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Aim: The aim of this task was to increase our familiarity with lists and what we can do with them.

Task Summary: The task was to create two programs mycollage and coverphoto which would create and save two collages. The first would contain an amalgamation of images with various effects and would include a picture which employs the placePixmapNoBlue() method and the second would contain a collage with the dimensions of a facebook cover photo! 

How I did it: For the mycollage program, I decided to do the uber extension and so wrote a program to parse a text file and get information to create a collageList. Given my knowledge of Java and some research on File I/O in the python documentation, I wrote an appropriate program which would read a text file, split information separated by a comma (',') and place it in a list. This functioned as a collageList. And then I called my buildCollage function to actually create the collage. Although the collage below is ugly, the user could make a beautiful one if they wanted by editing the text file-

For the next part I wrote a program which would take three command line parameters (three images) and make a coverphoto sized image out of them. This function only works well for images of the same size! 

The most exciting part of this project was perhaps the sole extension I undertook. It also made modifying my collage a good deal easier, as I changed around things a number of times! Hope you have fun playing around with it as well!