CJ Smith Project 10
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The purpose of this lab was to introduce us to the concept of NPR and give us practice with designing modifications to our current system to make NPR easy to implement.  The last piece is how to handle parameterized l-systems, which give is more flexibility in defining shapes and complex l-system objects.  

For this lab, we had to 4 tasks.  The first was to create a new style called jitter3.  This did almost the same thing as jitter, however, it utilized a for loop that would run through it 3 times.  The picture that we were asked to create was of a shape from our last lab and add different styles to it.  I chose to use the hexagon and the three styles that i used were 'normal', 'jitter' and 'jitter3'.  My final image for the first task looked like this:

The next part of the lab was to create another style that took a different look.  It was to create the shape using circles or dots that outlined the shape.  for this, i took multiple shapes from my shapes file from last week and added different effects to it.  I added all 4 effects to a hexagon, rhombus, and triangle. 

The third task we were given was to take our indoor scene from last week and give the objects in the scene and give them different styles to give it more of a hand painted look.  i added all 4 of the styles and my final image came out to look like this:

And the final task we were given was to make our own parameterized stochastic multi-rule lsystem.  For this, i created a variation of the sysTree.txt file that we were given.  For this i changed the rules around and shortened the base to structurally change the tree into a bush looking plant.  I also gave it many more branches and leaves/ berries.   I also put a light blue rectangle as the sky, and a dark green ground which the trees/bushes are "planted" on.  The final image looked like this:


Finally, I chose to do one extension.  I created one more style, the 'brush' style.  I then used it on the shapes that i used in task 2.  This is what it looked like:

During this lab I was able to get a better understand of  NPR and I was able to understand the complexity of parameterized stochastic multi-rule lsystem.  I also was able to get practice with designing modifications for my current system. 

For this project I got help from Stephanie.