CJ Smith's Project 9
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For this lab we had to to create 4 images.  The first was of three trees.  We had to use a new lsystem that incorporated spaces in the rule.  This would give it the possibility to create three trees that differed in the slightest way.  After you create a tree class, the function will take in the Lsystem filename and then the objects will be created.  My final image that i got for this part is the following:
The second image that was required for this project was of new shapes that were created.  For this portion of the lab, i created a filled triangle, a hexagon, a filled rectangle, a filled hexagon, a rhombus, and a filled skinny rectangle.  we created new classes that were child classes of the initial class.  In my image, I show my filled rectangle, my square, filled triangles, rhombus,and hexagons.  
The third task in this lab was to create an indoor scene.  For this part, i chose to create a room that had a blue floor, with a rug and a lamp on it, and a tan wall that had a painting with the tree scene as the content.  This was one of the easier parts of the lab for me and the lamp was actually a last minute addition to create a more indoor looking scene.  The following was my final image for this part:
The fourth and final part of this lab was creating a mosaic.  This was the hardest part for me.  I had trouble figuring out how to put this rhombus in the square so it fit properly.  After playing with it for quite some time, i was able to come up with the following image.  I chose to put a smaller rhombus inside a bigger rhombus, inside a bigger square.  This was the final mosaic that I got:
During this lab, I was able to get a lot more comfortable with creating different classes and I learned how to make different shapes using classes.

for this lab, I worked with Cody and Dan, and received additional help from Matt and Charles, and Kyle.