Audrey Lyman Project 11
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The purpose of this week's project was to familiarize ourselves with 3D turtle graphics. In the first task, we made our basic 3D shapes that would be used in task two to create a scene. Images of my solution are below:

Figures showing the different shapes (house, cube, pyramid, and diamond) in multiple styles, including dash, jitter, and broken (any style can be used on any shape).

For my solution to the second task, I created a "diorama-esque" scene, or a scene within a "box," so that two of the sides of the cube were dark blue for the sky, one was dark green for the ground, and the rest were not filled in. My scene is backyard camping, including a tent, fire, cabin/house with a door, pine tree of diamonds/pyramids, lsystem trees, and stars in both 3D and as lsystems (multiple lsystems....).

View 1

View 2

View of the full diorama

For my extension, I made the scene an aggregate shape (it seemed appropriate since it's a diorama...). The image is below:

Throughout this project, I become comfortable using and understanding 3D, especially making the shapes without having to do trial and error (understanding pitch, roll, etc).