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For this lab, we were asked to do two tasks, creating different styles from pictures, in a Pixmap format.

The first objective was to create a way in which to swap two colors of an image. I swapped the colors red and blue, and created an image in which geraniums.ppm was changed. Unfortunately my file somehow got corrupted and Hannah and I spent nearly two hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my program. We finally re-downloaded the program, and was able to continue on. Next, I created three more functions to swap colors, and created a total of four pictures of the geranium photo. In order to do this, I copied the original photo, changed the copy, saved it, then repeated this three more times. Next, we we asked to create a blank canvas in which we were to copy all four of the photos, and place them on the canvas. Doing so creates a "Warhol" theme picture. I created map1-4, which were first geraniums, and then I changed them to photos of myself.

After this was finished, we were asked to take the photo taken in front of the blue screen, and to find the "very blue" color of the screen, and change only that color. Since I was wearing an outfit that was entirely blue, this proved challenging, yet I ended up finally getting the background to change to a purpleish color. (veryblue.ppm)

I never realized that python could be utilized to manipulate photographs, and I really find it so cool that you can pick and choose which aspects of the picture you want to alter. I have always wondered how to create a "Warhol" type image in a program such as paint- yet I now realize how simple it is to alter and change the colors in a photograph. I learned how to clone, copy, and save an image, and how to manipulate certain colors in the image. I am really excited to learn more about image manipulation, and look forward to using python to edit my photos in the future!