Assignment 7
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This weeks' task was to become more comfortable with L-systems and ABOP's shapes. We will be linking this assignment to those of the future, so it is crucial that we learn the basics of L-systems, fractals, and trees.

For the first task I drew a fractal and a tree, which taught me how to create a txt file in textwrangler, how to call it, and how to create objects in a window. This was similar to what we learned in lab.

The second task asked us to create a scene in which a 3x3 grid of trees was created, with specific angles for each.

The final task was to create a simple outdoor scene with L-system generated trees of different sizes.

I decided to change the color of my trees for the third task, as well as scaled my trees in task two. I tried to incorporate my fishbowl and city scene with my trees, but neither myself nor the TA were able to figure out how to convert my scenes from graphwin to combining the two image sets. I decided to make a house with a tree lined yard for my last scene, creating a base and roof for my house.

I learned how to draw objects using L-systems- including how to configure shapes according to size, location, and angle. I am very pleased to say that I fully understood this lab, and am excited to learn more about L-systems and eventually to expand to 3-D!